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Teen Therapy For Boys

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What's Your Teen Son's Struggle?

  • Has your teen son stopped talking to you?

  • Are his grades dropping?


  • Does your teenage son struggle with low self-esteem and confidence? 

  • Does he avoid social situations? 

  • Does your teenage son no longer seem like himself?

Just because he won't talk to you, doesn't mean he won't talk to a teen therapist.

It's Not Easy Being a Teenage Boy

Teenage boys are in a state of transition. They have grown out of childhood and are moving toward being an adult. Their bodies are changing and their hormones are running wild. Important parts of their brain are not developed. The frontal cortex won't completely develop until they are 25. This part influences impulse control.


Teenage boys face unrealistic expectations from culture and social media. Society trains boys to hide their emotions and not express vulnerability. A toned physique and sexual prowess have become badges of true masculinity. Guys who struggle with their appearence and relationships can feel like a failure.


Teenage boys are trying to figure out who they are (i.e., identity) and where they belong (i.e., community). The teenage years can be a season of poor self-image. Many teenage guys lack confidence. Confidence is trust in one's value. Teen boys with low self-esteem feel they are worthless and don't measure up. Negative peer pressure is real. Teen guys can fall into the wrong crowd. Your teen can can start making decision that are not healthy for them.

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Reasons Parents Pursue Teen Therapy for Their Sons

Parents seek teen therapy for their sons when they don't know what to do next. At this point the teen's mood and behavior has changed. Parents report they don't know what has happened to their son. Since most teenage boys refuse to open up, parents stress about the worst case scenerio. Could my son be hurting himself or even contemplating suicide? These are fears that keep some teen parents up at night.

When the teenage son struggles, the whole family suffers. Parents start to question themselves and their decisions. A struggling teenage son can impact a marriage or relationships with other siblings. Parents reach out for help when they have tried everything and nothing seems to help.

When your teen son struggles, the whole family can suffer.

A teen therapist can help!

Common Issues Teen Therapy For Boys Can Address 

The teenage years for a boy can be tumultuous. There are changes in their body, their school and their relationships. All of these changes can result in teen depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, struggles in school and relationship issues. There is no easy fix for any of these complicated realities. 

Teen Depression and Anxiety 

Teen Depression can take on a variety of forms in the life of a teenage boy. One common expression of teen depression is a loss of drive and motivation. Teen boys stop caring about school, friendships and extra curricular activities. Another aspect of teen depression is greater isolation from family and friends. Teen boys who struggle with depression also get lost in negative thinking. Teen depression can also result in frequent anger outbursts.


Teen Anxiety is also a big problem these days. Teenage boys worry about their grades, their relationships and their future. Anxiety results in an uncontrollable rumination where small issues become massive problems. Teen anxiety can also lead your teen son to fear social situations. He worries that other people will judge and criticize him. Anxiety leads to avoidance. 

I provide therapy for teen depression and teen anxiety in Katy, TX and the Houston area. If teen depression and teen anxiety are addressed early, there is hope to treat your teen son. With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I can help your teen move out of depression and manage their anxiety. 


Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is how we see our value and worth. A teenage boy with low self-esteem thinks poorly of himself. He may believe that he is not good enough or a failure. Low self-esteem may be a result of a teen boy’s depression, anxiety or relationship struggles. Teenagers with low self-esteem have lost their confidence. They no longer believe in themselves. A teen boy with no confidence no longer seems like his true self. 


I provide therapy for teen boys who struggle with low self-esteem in Katy, TX and the Houston area. I build a strong relationship with teen boys and help them recover their true sense of worth. I adopt a solution-focused approach. This approach encourages teen boys to embrace their unique strengths. 

School Struggles

Teen boys in the Katy, TX area can struggle with the pressure and demands of their school. It can be stressful balancing assignments, projects and other academic responsibilities. All the stress of school can result in teen depression and anxiety. Struggling at school can also impact a teen’s self-esteem and confidence. Most of the teenage boys I see start therapy due to academic issues. Their grades have dropped or they have failed to turn in assignments. 


I provide therapy for school struggles in the Katy, TX and Houston area. CBT helps teenage boys identify their stressors and establish new behaviors. Learning important coping strategies can help them succeed. I collaborate with parents to create goals that will ensure their teenage son gets back on track.   

Relationship Issues

Teenage boys can have a difficult time connecting with their parents. If your teenage son never opens up, it's easy to get frustrated with him.  Parents can start to pressure teen boys to talk and this usually backfires into a meltdown. This cycle can create a strain in the parent-teenager relationship. Teen boys also experience struggles with dating, friendships and other important relationships. 

I provide therapy for relationship struggles in the Katy, TX and Houston area. I adopt a relationship-centered approach. This models for teen boys what a healthy relationship looks like. We practice communication and conflict skills that are important in any relationship. The therapy relationship also helps address teen depression and anxiety. As we mature in the relationship, teens experience greater confidence and positive self-esteem.

A black teenage boy smiles

Teen therapy can help your son gain confidence and return

to their old self.

Teen Therapy For Boys Can Help Your Family Find Solutions

As a parent I know how difficult it is to watch your teenage son struggle. You can feel helpless and lost at times. When your teen son struggles with depression or low self-esteem it's not obvious what to do next.


Teenage boys can feel lost and helpless too. They may not understand why they feel the way they do. It can all seem overwhelming. It's easy for them to feel like all hope is gone.


This is where I come in. I can work with your teen son to help them understand their struggle. I can help your teenager process their pain and discover a brighter future.


I am also committed to working with the family. Collaboration with parents throughout the teen therapy process is important. My goal is to come alongside the family and bring about healing and hope.

white teenage boy with confetti falling around him.

Start Your Teen Therapy Journey with
Quique Autrey: Katy, Tx & Houston

You and your teenage son do not have to do this alone. If you don't know what to do next, please contact me and set up your first appointment. I am here to help. I can work with your family to help bring healing and hope. I'm just off of I-10 and 99. I am centrally located for those living in Katy and Houston. To start your teen therapy journey, follow these simple steps:


1. Contact Katy Teen & Family Counseling.


2. Schedule your first appointment with Quique Autrey.


3. Begin your teen therapy journey and start healing. Your teenage is not defined by his struggles. I want him to realize his true worth and potential. I want your son to embrace a bright future. Imagine what life will look like for your son free of his struggles.​


The mission at Katy Teen & Family Counseling is to restore hope, happiness, and connected family relationships. I look forward to starting this process of hope and healing with you!

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