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Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, MDiv

Hello, thank you for stopping by! My name is Quique (pronounced "key + kay"). I'm the co-founder and lead therapist at the Neurodiversity Center of KatyI have experience working with male teenagers, men battling depression, neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD, etc.) young men and neurodivergent couples. I pride myself for being open, warm and engaging. Clients report that I am easy to talk to and feel that my approach is both in-depth and practical. Although I see some female and trans clients, I work primarily with males. As a guy whose life was transformed by therapy, a part of my calling is helping other men. Therapy can be for anyone looking to grow and get more out of life. We can build a connection in a few sessions and accomplish some great things together!


My Approach


There is no cookie cutter model for therapy. Every person is different and

requires a unique approach. Research suggests one of the most important factors in a person growing in therapy is the quality of the relationship that's established. It's very important for me to cultivate a strong and supportive relationship with each of my clients. 


Carl Jung once wrote, "I am not what happened to me. I am who I choose to become." While it's important to understand our past, we can't stay stuck staring at the rear-view mirror. My approach helps you focus on your strengths and the future you want for yourself.



Values are those things we build our life on. Values are the principles and actions that help us experience meaning. Therapy is about more than just treating a symptom. I can help you discover what really matters to you. My approach helps you experience a fulfilling and significant life. 


Rather than seeing diagnoses like Autism and ADHD as problems, I celebrate my clients' unique neurological differences. I don't push any of my clients to be normal or "neurotypical." I help them harness their unique gifts and overcome any obstacles they might face. 

Relational-Cultural Therapy

Relational Cultural Therapy (RCT) is a type of treatment that understands psychological struggle as a result of ruptures in relationship rather than individual pathology. RCT also emphasizes the larger cultural realities (gender, race, sexuality, economics, etc.) that contribute to a person’s situation. I focus on the client’s lived experience and perspective rather than a reductionistic medical or behavioral analysis. 

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My Approach

What Parents Say

Quique was instrumental in helping my teen son. He gave us some great tips that were actually helpful and applicable in home situations. Other therapists seem to listen but not really give direction or guidance; Quique actually "called a spade a spade" when necessary while also patiently and lovingly directed us through some tricky situations. We highly recommend him!

After years of failed therapy at other practices, we've finally found success with Quique Autrey. Quique is understanding, professional, and kind. He is calm and non-judgmental. He is equally excellent at both listening and problem solving. Quique is aware of the many challenges facing teenagers, and compassionately encourages growth and confidence. We are very grateful for Quique's time with our family.

Quique Autrey has been able to connect with my son after other counselors have not. He accepted my son as he is, making him feel seen, heard, and valued. Quique helped to guide my son without telling him what to do. Our family has been blessed by his guidance, and we are healthier because of it. I highly recommend Quique to anyone searching for a counselor.




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Mental health is a fast growing concern for our youth. Admitting your child has mental health issues is hard in of itself. We sat down and “interviewed” who we felt would match best with our daughter and us as parents. The way Quique Autrey approached both us as parents and my daughter was beyond relatable. He was a great listener and offered various ways for her to approach her issues, different perspectives, words of encouragement, validations of her feelings and his overall support to her was beyond helpful. It has been wonderful to watch her navigate her issues with a clearer head and more accepting mind. Thank you Quique for helping our daughter realize what an amazing woman she is, accepting the stresses of this crazy world and arming her with the tools to accept the things she can’t change, courage to change the things she can and wisdom to know the difference. We are forever grateful to you.


What Grandparents Say


My husband and I have witnessed a positive change in our 15 year old grandson since he began counseling with Quique Autrey in December 2021. His approach to counseling is easy going, individualized and inviting and this has allowed our grandson to really open up and express himself and learn to deal with things he never could before. After each session our grandson has either been supercharged emotionally, talkative and eager to share details of his meeting or sometimes quiet and in deep thought. But always ready to go back…..his take on counseling has been “this is not at all what I thought counseling would be like, it’s better” We are so thankful for Quiques’ expertise and ability to challenge and promote this personal growth and can honestly say he has made a difference.

Quique Autrey is a very knowledgeable therapist and easy to talk to. He has always been professional and courteous. Quique has made a very positive impact on my life and has helped me through many struggles and ways to cope with these struggles. Truly greatful for having the opportunity to have met Quique during my dark period of time, and he helped me get out of there. I would recommend Quique to anyone that might be considering therapy.


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What Men Say


I had very limited exposure to therapy prior to meeting with Quique.  As a person with a history of being fairly closed off, the idea of sharing important parts of my life with a complete stranger always sounded strange.  However, Quique is a warm and relatable person who is easy to speak with.  He helped me navigate through my emotional weaknesses, and he was instrumental in the strengthening of my relationship with my wife and children.  If Quique and I would have met under different circumstances I have no doubt that we would be great friends. 

Quique Autrey is knowledgeable, understanding, and very easy to talk to. He genuinely wants the best for his clients, and he has definitely helped me grow as a person in the time that I've met with him. I would highly recommend Quique to anyone considering therapy.



I'm glad that I found Quique Autrey. He was very relatable and easy to talk to. He guided and helped me through some personal and professional challenges. I recommend Quique for any guy who's not sure about therapy. I think you'll be surprised how good it feels to talk and process your stuff with an objective third party.

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We were suddenly in a position where our lives had quite literally been turned upside down by a quick, bad decision that our teenage son had made, and we needed to find someone for our son to not only talk to, but to really feel comfortable with and open up with. Quique was a Godsend. Not only did my husband and I feel comfortable with him immediately, our son did as well. To be able to quickly engage and put people at ease and let the communication flow from the start, it was, and continues to be, a gift. Kids lives are so complicated these days, and it’s so important for them to feel heard and valued and understood, as that is when they will open up and be able to learn from their mistakes and grow. We appreciate that Quique is all of this and more. We are truly grateful.


What Couples Say

Strives Family

My husband and I are so grateful to have found Quique Autrey. It has helped us tremendously individually and as a couple. He has a very calm approach and always feels like you’re talking to a friend you trust and you know will guide you the best way possible. My husband has done counseling before and hated it but after attending the first session with Quique, it changed his mind that therapy does work and does help.

Patricia & Jamie

When my husband set up an appointment with Quique Autrey for couples therapy, I only agreed to go so Quique could help me explain to him we were getting a divorce. It was that bad. Well, much to my surprise, just one session gave me hope that it might be worth finding the energy to keep trying a little longer.

I was shocked at how much he could get my husband to talk; he's so relatable and easy to trust and talk to. And while a lot of therapists are intelligent, Quique is also driven by an innate curiosity—the kind of curiosity that develops out of caring deeply, that can't be taught or manufactured. He asks insightful questions and gives us practical tools to get past the challenges we face. My husband and I both feel inspired to work really hard and our marriage is amazing now, way better than it’s ever been (yes, that too, and I’m stoked about it!). We’re even making great headway with my in-laws. Is this my life?!?

If you’re on the fence about counseling because your marriage isn’t a disaster… my suggestion is not to wait for the disaster. For the price of a few nice dinners you can at least say you really tried. And you won’t regret going, but you might regret not. Good luck & you’ve got this!

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Neurodiversity Center of Katy
440 Cobia 

Ste. 302

Katy, TX 77494



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